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I've been working in studios my entire life. As a Seattle-based artist, I recorded albums at such legendary studios as Robert Lang Studios (Macklemore, Nirvana) and Bear Creek Studio (Lumineers, Brandi Carlile). My music has appeared on syndicated television shows, national commercials, and on the Starbucks international playlist, and my songs have collectively amassed over 3 million streams. I have a keen understanding of the commercial music industry, and my passion is to bring this experience to the music I work on.


Small Victory Studios is a relaxed home recording studio environment where you will feel comfortable sharing your music; curiosity about exploring ideas; and confident in the final product.



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Alexandria Niedzialkowski



Andrew is a great listener, a great collaborator, and he gets to the heart of the song because (like me) he genuinely cares about making something beautiful that connects to the human experience. 


With no exaggeration I can say that Andrew Vait is one of the most talented and collaborative artists I know. His diligent, professional, and noble approach to making music makes him one of my favorite people to work with.

 Andrew immediately puts people at ease and has an uncanny ability to elicit great performances. He gives great feedback which is concise, encouraging, and also cuts to the core of any issues at hand or corrections that need to be made. 

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Let's build something together.